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Student forum and e-assessment

With all of us living our life increasingly online, being part of a dynamic e-learning community is important.

Given the flexibility afforded by studying online, it can often mean that while you’re watching a tutorial, another classmate is at work. That’s why actively engaging in live sessions and the student forum is important and will bring value to your learning experience.

Student forum

Find yourself stuck on a specific topic? You can post a question for your tutor in the student forum and they will come back to you within 24 hours. 

The student forum is a supportive community space that grows as the course progresses. If you have a question or comment, then post it into the group and see what your fellow students have to contribute. 


Your final grade is based on the end-of-year exams which take place in June and August for September intake students, and August and October for January students. Exams take place online, are remotely-invigilated, and students are required to type their answers on the e-assessment platform. You will be provided with comprehensive video tutorials and can complete practice e-tests on the platform in advance of the actual exams. 

Throughout the year, you will undertake three further assignments which are graded by your tutor so that you can monitor your own progress before the actual exams.

These assignments are not compulsory but it is an opportunity to review your performance to-date. You will also have access to 'My Revision' tool in your student Touchpoint and can practice exam-style questions and work through past papers. 

This will mean that you can confidently sit your exams at the end of the year and will be better placed to succeed. Find out more about our exams and e-assessment

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