Exams and e-Assessment

All you need to know about studying, enrolling for and sitting your online exams. Please read each section carefully and download documentation relevant to you.

If you require more information or have a query, please contact our Assessment team: 


For September intake students, exams will take place online in May with a repeat session held in August. Exams can be booked through your TouchPoint portal before close of registration deadline, please refer to the Exams Centre in Moodle for the exam registration deadline.

IT Requirements for Online Exams

Students need a computer (PC or laptop) with internet connection, webcam and a microphone to complete their online exams.

Students will take the exam using the Google Chrome web browser and the Proctorio extension.

The extension will be used to capture the webcam, audio, and screen throughout the exam.

More details about the system requirements are shared with students in Moodle – Exam Centre when registration is complete.

If you would like to know the full details on the system requirements, please contact us and we will be happy to share them at

For professional registration and exam booking fees, please refer to our programme fees:

August 2024 exam session timetable 
Year 1 Exam Timetable
Subject Date Time
Financial Accounting 7 August 2024 (Wednesday) 9am - 12:45pm
Business Law (NI/ROI) 9 August 2024 (Friday) 9am - 12:00pm
Taxation (NI/ROI) 13 August 2024 (Tuesday) 9am - 12:45pm
Business Management 15 August 2024 (Thursday) 9am - 12:45pm
Year 2 Exam Timetable
Subject Date Time
Advanced Financial Accounting 6 August 2024 (Tuesday) 9am - 12:45pm
Advanced Taxation (NI/ROI) 8 August 2024 (Thursday) 9am - 12:45pm
Management Accounting  12 August 2024 (Monday) 9am - 12:45pm
Financial Data Management 14 August 2024 (Wednesday) 9am - 12:45pm


Re-sits for exam candidates

If you are a September intake student your first sitting is in May 2024. If you are required to re-sit an exam for the academic year 2023/24, the next opportunity to sit your exam will be August 2024. 

If you are a January intake student your first sitting is in August 2024.  If you are required to re-sit an exam for the academic year 2024, the next opportunity to sit your exam will be October 2024.  

If you did not book your exams during registration, you can book your exams via your TouchPoint portal. The exam fee is €80/£70 per exam.

Exam sample papers

You can work through sample papers in MyRevision, accessed via your TouchPoint portal. The new syllabus exam paper structure for Year 1 students can be found here.

Exam rules and regulations

Please make sure to read our Rules and Regulations carefully in advance of sitting your exams.

Exam results and verification

Exam results are published on your TouchPoint portal following ratification of results and awards by the relevant meeting of the ATI Assessment Board. Please note that the results of the May 2024 exams will be available after 3rd July 2024. Following the publication of results on your TouchPoint portal, a copy of your results will be provided to the college you are attending.

Candidates can apply for a verification of examination scripts in any module. This is a clerical check of an examination to confirm that all questions and marks have been correctly totalled and recorded.

If you wish to apply for a verification, please complete the online form that is available to students in Moodle – Exams Centre and read the instructions carefully. The form must be completed within 5 working days of the publication of the exam results in TouchPoint. Please be advised that there is a €50/£45 fee for this. For further information or the link to the form, please contact us at Exams or Exams Centre in Moodle.

If you are unsatisfied with the outcome of a verification, you may request a Full Review within 5 working days of receiving the outcome of the verification. Please be advised that there is a €100/£90 fee for this. Please read Section 8 of our Rules and Regulations for more information.

Tax reference material

Please find your tax reference material. This will be provided to you within the e-Assessment platform.   

Reasonable accommodation

Reasonable accommodation is available for students sitting their examinations. To apply for a reasonable accommodation, please complete the application form below and email it to 

Applications for reasonable accommodation need to be submitted please before the following dates: 

  • September intake students: 24 November 2023
  • January intake students: 22 March 2024

Please note that we require supporting documentation for all applications and that all requests for reasonable accommodation are treated in strict confidence. Please see our privacy policy below.

Application for extenuating circumstances

Candidates may make representations regarding extenuating circumstances affecting their performance e.g. medical condition, or other personal circumstances. Please ensure to notify us within 5 working days of the exam taking place by emailing

If you are absent from an exam due to an extenuating circumstance, you will be allowed to re-sit the exam at the next session at no charge. Please note that we require supporting documentation for all applications and that requests for reasonable accommodation are treated in strict confidence

Exam transcripts

You may request a transcript of your results at any stage by completing the request form below and emailing it to Transcripts are often requested as official documentation if you wish to gain exemptions for further studies.

Please note, the administrative fee for a transcript is €7/£6 for one year and €14/£12 for two years and there is a two-week waiting period for transcript requests to be processed. The transcript will state: the year you sat your exams; the modules you sat; your award


Find out more about our exams

When do exams take place?

There are two examination cycles which are the culmination of our September and January intake academic years.

For students starting classes in September, exams take place the following May with re-sits available in August. For January intake students, your first exam session is the following August, with re-sits available in October.

What is the exam format?

All our exams take place online via an e-assessment platform. Students are required to type their exam answers and a computer with a keypad, microphone, camera and internet connection is needed.

How can I book my exams?

If you did not book your exams at registration, you can book your exams in the online shop in your TouchPoint portal. There is a fee of €80 / £67 per exam. Please ensure to check the booking deadline for each exam session in advance.

How can I prepare for my exams?

You can complete a range of short multiple-choice questions and full exam-style questions on MyRevision which is accessed via your TouchPoint. You will also be able to work through past exam papers and sample papers here.

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