Work Experience

What is work experience and why do I need it?

To gain the Diploma for Accounting Technicians, students must build up two years’ relevant work experience.

This is because you also need ‘on-the-job’ skills to be effective as a qualified Accounting Technician and to be able to apply practical experience to the theory you have learned in the classroom.

This work experience provides potential employers with independent reassurance that you are the right person for the job, and greatly strengthens Accounting Technicians Ireland’s qualifications.

Work experience requirements are based on two years full-time employment (or the equivalent part-time) and can be gained at any time.

If you have relevant work experience from a previous job, then you can count that towards your two years.

Accounting Technicians Ireland will also recognise any relevant experience obtained while you are studying or after you have completed your exams.

All of your experience has to be signed off by a mentor who can verify that you have achieved all of the associated learning outcomes.

To complete your work experience, you will need to:

  • Find a workplace mentor (this can be your line manager, employer or a qualified accountant)
  • Gain two years experience in an accounting or finance-related role(s)
  • Record your progress using the Record of Work Experience form and have this verified by your mentor
  • Submit your Record of Work Experience to Accounting Technicians Ireland. (You must have successfully completed all their exams before you can submit this form).

Further information including guidance notes, FAQs and a copy of the Record of Work Experience form are available at Affiliate Membership.

What areas should I be gaining experience in?

Accounting Technicians Ireland has a flexible approach in reviewing the precise experience that students need to gain, given the wide variety of Accounting Technician roles.

Students have a choice of completing 13 different work-based assessments but only need to achieve nine of these assessments.

Examples of skills assessed
Accounting systems management Credit control Quality control
Budgeting Management accounting Sales accounting
Cash management Payroll administration Stock control
Computer systems Preparation of accounts Tax returns
Costing Purchases accounting  

You mentor will be able to help you plan your work experience effectively, and Accounting Technicians Ireland will be able to assist with any queries you may have.

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