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Future-proof your career with 30 hours of free continuous professional development (CPD) training. 

We are committed to providing you with free and cost-effective training solutions so that you can keep your skills up-to-date in an evolving profession.

Read our CPD guidance notes and compliance rules to ensure you're CPD compliant. 

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Become a Member

As soon as you enrol in one of our two-year programmes, you take your first step towards a rewarding career and become a student member.

As an Affilliate Member, you will be supported as you complete your work practice requirements.

Full Members receive career assistance and support throughout your working life.

As a Fellow, the designatory letters FIATI ensure your senior experience and Accounting Technician expertise stands out.

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Member Benefits

Our members enjoy one of the most extensive ranges of affinity benefits and services of any professional body.

As soon as you pass your exams, you get a range of benefits available to Affiliate Members

Once you graduate, you get even more benefits and better discounts as a Full Member.

Fellow Members get the widest range of benefits and the best discounts.

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Further Study

As a Member of Accounting Technicians Ireland (MIATI), you can use your qualification to gain exemptions with other professional accountancy or taxation bodies as well as higher education institutes.

These include our partner body, Chartered Accountants Ireland, ACCA CIMA, CPA Ireland and others.

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Member Subscriptions and Re-registration

Your subscription ensures we can provide enhanced education and training opportunities to our island-wide membership base.

Log into TouchPoint to pay your Affiliate, Member or Fellow subscription or to re-register.

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Professional Standards

To ensure confidence in Accounting Technicians Ireland, our members and the MIATI and FIATI designations, we have a Code of Professional Ethics and a set of Disciplinary Procedures.

We encourage you to read these documents carefully and understand the professional conduct you are expected to practice as a student, a member or a fellow of our Institute.

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"Membership of ATI sets you apart in the jobs market - it's the best first step on your career in accountancy!"

Elsie Cotterill MIATI

Elsie works at RSM Ireland and serves on ATI's Leinster Society Committee

30+Years Serving Our Members
4Levels Of Membership
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