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September 2020 Intake – Register to Recruit:

The Accounting Technicians Apprenticeship scheme is inviting new and existing registered Apprenticeship employers interested in recruiting for September 2020 to get in contact as soon as possible to recruit.

Please contact Accounting Technicians Ireland on 01- 6498191 or email in the first instance for further information the Employer Guide can be found here

About the Accounting Technician Apprenticeship programme:

The national Accounting Technician Apprenticeship is a modern and practical route to a career in accountancy where employers take on students on a two-year, work-based learning education training programme.

ATI source a range of high calibre individuals interested in developing a career in accountancy and you select the candidates who best fit your employment requirements.

College tuition is fully funded by the State. Employers just pay an apprentice the national minimum wage (€19,700 per annum) and three week’s paid study leave per year which includes exam dates.

The programme structure necessitates an apprentice attending (off-the-job training) at college one day and working with an employer four days during academic college term time (on the job training) on a weekly basis.

Outside of college term an apprentice will attend work five days a week.

The (off-the-job training) day is set by the college and will be a Monday typically from 9:00am to 6.00pm and an employer will allocate appropriate work hours for the four days (on-the-job training) not exceeding the 37.5 hours per week (on and off the job training) required to be completed by the apprentice for the programme and their employment contract.

For the FIRST YEAR  in college the Stage One modules an apprentice will be studying are:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Taxation
  • Business Law
  • Business Management

For the SECOND YEAR  in college the Stage Two modules an apprentice will be studying are:

  • Advanced Financial Accounting
  • Advanced Taxation
  • Management Accounting
  • Financial Data Management

For each module studied the assessment will include the combination of written examinations and the completion of four approved work-based tasks per year.

Exams will take place in May each year with an option for any repeats required to be completed in August.

Throughout the two years an apprentice will be supported by a college mentor and a workplace mentor assigned by their employer to oversee and support them with their on the job training. The workplace mentor will need to be a qualified professional accountant or accounting technician.

This national programme leads to a Level 6 QQI Advanced Certificate in Accounting and provides exemptions from professional accountancy bodies and relevant third level colleges to complete further studies.

The value of the Accounting Technician Apprenticeship programme:

Join leading employers across all sectors recruiting in industry, practice and the public sector to tap into a vast talent pool to diversify your workforce and ensure your organisation has a skilled body of staff that matches the accountancy and finance recruitment needs.

The application process for applicants will open early April so registered employers recruiting for this intake will attain applicants to review in May.

  • Employers can recruit from a high calibre of talent including leaving cert students, school-leavers, graduates and mature learners that are progressed to them from ATI.
  • There is also an option to update ATI about any existing employees you would like to upskill or if there is anyone in mind to complete the programme as well.

Grow and nuture talented participants with the potential to become versatile accounting technicians with wide ranging skills.

Apprentices will bring significant value to your organisation as they progress through the programme from beginner to fully qualified Accounting Technician.#

Participating Registered Apprenticeship Employer Testimonial:


 “As one of the first participating employers, PKF has experienced first-hand the quality and calibre of the Apprentices joining the Accounting Technicians Apprenticeship programme. It is an excellent foundation to commence a lifelong and fulfilling career in accounting, or indeed business generally, and we would encourage all would be apprentices to get involved in the programme that offers the perfect blend of progressive education and invaluable workplace experience. We would also highly recommend the Accounting Technicians Apprenticeship programme to all businesses as a great way to attract or retain talented professionals in their organisations.”

Dave McGarry – Audit Partner – PKF

Additional benefits of the Accounting Technician Apprenticeship programme:

  • Assesses potential trainees to explore their expectations, aspirations, capabilities and skills for a career in Accounting.
  • No recruitment cost for accessing a diverse range of high calibre talent
  • Increased employee retention resulting in a productive and positive workplace
  • Simultaneous learning value as college learning is applied to specific job requirements of the role. Apprentices also attain top Accounting Technician academic results.
  • Learning from the bottom up apprentices develop an excellent understanding of the business and can bring this into future management and leadership roles.
  • The programme prepares apprentices to meet the challenge of future developments in their occupation and workplace through the skills, knowledge and competencies they will acquire.


Important Information to Register as Apprenticeship Employer:

If you’d like to become a registered employer please read all of the following documentation before proceeding to register:

  1. Role of Workplace Mentor
  2. ‘On-the-Job’ Requirements
  3. The SOLAS Apprenticeship Process
  4. Recruitment Process 2020

Employer Registration Process:

  • New employers who wish to participate as an employer for the Accounting Technician Apprenticeship Programme for September 2020 intake must Register your Interest to Recruit! Please tick the employer box, add all relevant details and be sure to ‘Opt In’ to receiving communications.
  • The ATI Apprenticeship Team will follow up directly to invite the employer to an information session, arrange a call or visit in order to advise further about the programme and outline the recruitment process and next steps.
  • Following this, the ATI Apprenticeship Team will send the employer a number of forms for completion, including the Suitability to Train Form, Mentor Credentials Form and ATI Memorandum of Understanding. (Employers will need to ensure they assign an apprentice a mentor who is a professional accountant or accounting technician.)
  • The ATI Apprenticeship Team reviews the information provided by the employer, and follow up with a scheduled telephone call to further assess their suitability to train.
  • After the telephone discussion the ATI Apprenticeship Team will decide whether the employer should be recommended to SOLAS for approval to arrange a statutory visit for inclusion as a national Apprenticeship Employer. The employer will be notified of this decision.
  • Only employers who have been recommended to SOLAS receive applications to consider for interview and employment as an apprentice, and the programme then commences in September.

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