Affiliate Membership

Who is affiliate membership for?

Affiliate membership of Accounting Technicians Ireland is open to all students who have passed the Year 2 examinations but do not yet have the two years' relevant work experience required to complete the qualification and become full members.

It is an interim class of membership between student and full membership that allows you to maintain your links with ATI while you work toward your practical experience requirements.

What are the advantages of being an affiliate member?

As an affiliate member, you can avail of services that previously were not available to you as a student. This can be a big advantage while you are working toward completing your work experience assessment and becoming a full member who has the right to use the professional letters MIATI after your name.

ATI offers you an opportunity to belong to a professional accounting body that provides a range of career supports and other benefits.

Record of Work Experience

To complete the qualification and become a Full Member of Accounting Technicians Ireland, you will have passed all your examinations and have completed at least two years relevant work experience within an accounting or finance environment. We acknowledge work experience that has been obtained before, during or after your studies.

  • Step 1 - READ the detailed Guidance Notes and FAQs. These are ESSENTIAL reading so take your time
  • Step 2 - COMPLETE the Record of Work Experience and have it signed by the appropriate mentor(s)
  • Step 3 - COMPLETE the Membership Application Form
  • Step 4 - SUBMIT the Record of Work Experience + Membership Application Form + Assessment Fee (€200/£170) to the Member Services Department by post.

Work experience is assessed three times annually each spring and autumn, the closing dates for 2022 are as follows

  • 8th April 2022
  • 19th August 2022
  • 7th October 2022

Once you have passed the Record of Work Experience Assessment and satisfied the joining criteria, you will be invited to come forward for membership and attend the graduation.

Once you become a full member, you are entitled to use the professional designation MIATI after your name, a respected business accreditation valued by many employers.

Full members can also avail of a wide range of services and benefits.

Want to learn more about becoming a full member of ATI?

Download the Full Membership brochure 

Or contact Phil McDonald, Manager, Member Services department

Want to learn more about your affiliate benefits?

View all benefits available to affiliate members here.


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