Affiliate Membership

Who is Affiliate Membership for?

All students who have passed their Year 2 examinations but have yet to complete their two years’ relevant work experience are invited to become Affiliate Members of the Institute.

This is an interim class of membership which enables you to maintain your relationship with Accounting Technicians Ireland and attend our calendar of Member events, while you work towards completing your work experience. Once you have completed the work practice element of your qualification, you are then conferred with Full Membership at our annual Conferring Ceremony.

If you have any questions on becoming an Affiliate Member or on completing your work experience, our Member Experience team can help:

Why is work experience important?

Work experience builds on the core academic modules, equipping you with transferable business skills and a technical knowledge of finance and accounting practice. By gaining your relevant work experience, it:

  • Enables you to apply your learning within a workplace environment
  • Safeguards the professional currency of the Diploma and MIATI designation
  • Provides you with capabilities and skillsets recognised by employers

Becoming a Full Member

To achieve the ATI Diploma for Accounting Technicians Ireland and become a Full Member of the Institute (MIATI), you will need to:

  • Successfully complete all 8 academic modules: 4 for Year 1 (Certificate) and 4 for Year 2 (Diploma)
  • Complete 2 years (totalling 3,360 hours) of relevant work experience within an accounting or finance environment which can be obtained before, during, or after study
  • Undertake either the Work Practice Programme or Record of Work Experience 
  • Be employed in a relevant accounts or finance-based role
  • The Work Practice Programme replaces the previous Record of Work Experience which will no longer be offered after October 2025.

Find out more about the Work Practice Programme here

Affiliate Members and students who started studying in the academic year 2021/22 and prior

For students who registered for the September 2021/22 / January 2022 academic year or prior and Affiliate Members who have yet to complete the work practice aspect of the Diploma, you can choose to gain the required work experience by completing either the new Work Practice Programme or previous ‘Record of Work Experience’.

What is the same between the two?

  • For both the existing ‘Record of Work Experience’ and the new Work Practice Programme, you are required to complete the equivalent of 2 years (or 3,360 hours) of work experience in an accounting or finance-related role
  • You will need a Workplace Mentor for both to sign off on your experience
  • You can complete the work experience either while you are studying or after you have completed your studies, once you have gained employment in an accounting or finance-related role
  • You can also put relevant experience gained prior to study, and across multiple roles, towards the 2-year requirement

What is the difference between the two?

  • The ‘Record of Work Experience’ is one large document that you need to complete to support your 2 years of work experience
  • The Work Practice Programme instead is composed of 2 Work Practice Modules – the Work Practice Module (Level 4) and Advanced Work Practice Module (Level 5) - each of which have 4 tasks corresponding to each of the core academic modules
  • The Work Practice Programme provides you with set training plans aligned to the learning outcomes of your Year 1 and Year 2 modules which you can work through with the support of your Workplace Mentor

How long do I have to complete the Record of Work Experience?

  • The final submission date for the ‘Record of Work Experience’ is October 2025 after which it will no longer be offered
  • You must successfully complete all exams before you are eligible to submit your work experience and apply for Full Membership
  • Once submitted, you will be invited to attend our annual Conferring Ceremony where you will be conferred with Full Membership of the Institute, can use the MIATI professional designation, and will be awarded your Diploma qualification parchment
  • After October 2025, you will be required to complete the Work Practice Programme.

Completing the Record of Work Experience

Please read through the below documents carefully to complete the Record of Work Experience.  

  • Step 1 - Read the Guidance Notes and FAQs. These are ESSENTIAL reading so please take your time
  • Step 2 - Complete the Record of Work Experience and have it signed by the appropriate mentor(s)
  • Step 3 - Complete your Membership Application Form
  • Step 4 - SUBMIT the Record of Work Experience + Membership Application Form + Assessment Fee (€200/£170) to the Member Services Department by post.

Work experience is assessed three times annually each spring and autumn, the closing dates for 2024 are as follows

  • 5th April 2024
  • 16th August 2024
  • 4th October 2024

Once you have passed the Record of Work Experience Assessment and satisfied the joining criteria, you will be invited to attend graduation where you will be awarded your qualification and conferred with Full Membership of the Institute. As a Full Member, you are entitled to use the professional designation, MIATI, after your name. 

Want to learn more about Membership?

Our 2024 Membership brochure is here!

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