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As soon as you choose to enrol as a student with Accounting Technicians Ireland, you take your first step towards becoming part of an international community of Members and achieving your professional MIATI designation. The Institute has three tiers of Membership which is based on experience, qualification, and tenure.

Affiliate Member

This is an interim Membership level which enables you to continue your relationship with the Institute following studying and while you complete the required work experience. Once you have completed the study and work experience aspect of your qualification, you will be invited to attend our annual Conferring Ceremony where you will be awarded your qualification and are conferred with Membership of the Institute of Accounting Technicians Ireland.

Full Member

As a Member of Accounting Technicians Ireland, you can use the highly respected professional letters of MIATI after your name. Members are required to maintain this designation by completing compulsory continuous professional development (CPD). This ensures that our Members have the relevant skillset to succeed in the workplace.


Fellowship of the Institute is awarded to our most experienced Members in recognition of their expertise and contribution to the profession. Fellows are recognised by the FIATI professional designation which is conferred to Members at our annual Conferring Ceremony.

Professional Membership Fees

The Membership subscription year runs from the 1st of January to the 31st of December of said year. 

Member fees
Member tier Euro (€) Sterling (£)
Affilate 120 105
Full 180 165
Fellow 185 170

Diploma students are required to successfully complete two years of study and two years of relevant work experience within an accounting or finance environment. For students who commenced their studies in the academic year 2022/2023, this work experience is assessed via the Work Practice Programme.

The Work Practice Programme is replacing the previous Record of Work Experience Document for all students commencing study for the academic year 2022 / 2023 and going forward. Students who commenced their studies prior to the 2022 / 2023 academic year can choose to gain their required work experience under either the new Work Practice Programme or previous Record of Work Experience Document.

Please note, the fees for both the Work Practice Progamme and the Record of Work Experience include application to Membership of the Institute. 

Work Practice Programme Fees
Module Euro (€) Sterling (£)
Work Practice Module 120 100
Advanced Work Practice Module 120 100
Record of Work Experience fee
  Euro (€) Sterling (£)
Record of Work Experience 200 170
Find out more

Our 2024 Membership brochure is available HERE. you can also contact our Member Experience team if you need assistance or require information. 

For general information or queries on your subscription, contact: / 01 649 8182

For queries on CPD, contact: / 01 649 8102

Want to know more?

Why is Continuous Professional Development important?

CPD is important as it enables you to maintain your professional competence and designation status. The Institute provides you with 30 hours of CPD training as part of your Membership to support you in keeping your knowledge and skills at the correct level required to ensure that clients and employers receive competent accounting technician professional service.

How can I connect with Members in my area?

We have four District Societies - Leinster, Munster, Western and Ulster - which exist to encourage interaction and engagement between our Members. These are established local communities of professionals who further promote the Accounting Technician profession on the ground and facilitate networking in different regions.

Each District Society plans a variety of charity, networking and social events throughout the year, invitations to which are emailed to Members in advance. Once you become a Member, you are automatically enrolled in the District Society relevant to where you live.

Become a Member