ATI Leinster Society

ATI’s Leinster Society is one of four District Societies which exist to encourage interaction and engagement between our Members.

Together with the other societies (Ulster, Munster and Western), we organise various charity, networking and social events throughout the year. With over 2,500 Members, the Leinster District Society comes together to celebrate charity race days and pub quizzes, historical tours, Leinster-coast cruises and much more.

John O’Callaghan, Leinster District Society Chair

District Society Committe Members
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John O'Callaghan Chair
Elsie Cotterill Vice Chair
Silvi Vasileva  Secretary 
Colm Tobin Treasurer 
Annette Byrne  Member 
Noeleen Donagher  Affiliate Member
Elizabeth O'Leary  Member 
A note from the Chair

In my role as Chair of the Leinster District Society, I represent the region at the Institute’s Member Services Committee. Chaired by Micheál Meegan, this committee is tasked with promoting the professional MIATI / FIATI designation and meeting the needs of our diverse Membership.

The District Society is an established local community of professionals which further promotes the Accounting Technician profession and facilitates networking in the Leinster area.

We’re regularly in touch over email with invitations to our upcoming events and encourage you to attend as they are a great way to meet fellow Members and engage with your Institute.  

If you have any queries on what’s coming up or how to get involved, the ATI Member Experience team is on hand to assist and be contacted by emailing or calling 01 649 8182. We look forward to meeting you!

John O Callaghan MIATI

Chair, Leinster District Society


: Raluca Meraru-Bindac and Nicola Colleran from RSM Ireland with Sandra Colgan

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