Support for Lecturers

General advice and guidance for the lecturers who deliver our programmes.

How we support our colleges

Prospective New College Partners

We are always interested in hearing from colleges which are interested in becoming an approved licensed provider of our qualification.

College providers who can demonstrate a history of good teaching and an ability to deliver our qualification to the highest academic level are welcomed.

Our most successful students continue to come from colleges which employ a highly experienced lecturing team, and for this reason, a key part of the application process will be an assessment of the lecturing team’s experience.

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Your Role as an ATI College Partner

Maintaining the interests of our students is of the utmost importance to both Accounting Technicians Ireland and our licensed college providers.

Each licensed college must meet the criteria set out by us in order to teach our programme and each license is reviewed on an annual basis by Accounting Technicians Ireland.

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