Standards Assurance

Maintaining the interests of our students is of the utmost importance to both Accounting Technicians Ireland and our licensed college providers.

Each licensed college must meet the criteria set out by us in order to teach our programme and each license is reviewed on an annual basis by Accounting Technicians Ireland.

As part of this standards assurance, we conduct annual liaison visits to every class in each college between October and December.

This allows us the opportunity to meet with our course co-ordinators and lecturing staff in order to discuss the upcoming academic year.

Communicating with students

We also visit each class to ensure they are aware of the procedures and standards set out by Accounting Technicians Ireland. 

During these visits a class representative from each year is nominated.

The representatives act as the communication channel between Accounting Technicians Ireland and the class during the academic year.

We enjoy very good working relationships with our colleges, and make sure that all students studying the programme receive the same standard of tuition and care, regardless of location.

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