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Student Forum and Face-to-Face Sessions

Given the flexibility afforded by studying online, it's guaranteed that while you’re sitting down to your studies another classmate is heading off to work.

The structure of the programme gives learners the chance to schedule their study time around their daily lives.

Where those taking the traditional routes may appear to have a more physically shared learning experience the sense of a learning community can too easily translate to online study.

Student Forum

If you find yourself with a question at any time throughout the week you can take advantage of the subject specific forum to leave a question for your tutor (or a helpful student).

The tutors will come back to you within a 24 hour period. When you are enrolled initially you are subscribed to these forums so you will get updates on any activity there.

This can be useful as you might learn something that you hadn’t considered or get an answer to a question you had yourself. It’s a beneficial community space that excels with your participation as the course progresses. Use it as another means of communication in the time between your live virtual classes.

Face-to-face sessions

While you’ll spend most of your time communicating with your subject tutor we also have three face to face sessions scheduled throughout the year with your lecturer.

These take place over two days on the weekend in Dublin. You’ll have an opportunity to meet the lecturer and other students while recapping on your learning to date.

They’re not compulsory but those who have attended in the past have found them to be a refreshing change of scenery and an invaluable opportunity to focus in-depth on their subject.

Generally you will have one morning session in one subject beginning at 10am with an hour break for lunch. The second half of the day will be in another subject and finish up at 6pm.

A real sense of learning together transcends throughout the programme if you take advantage of these facilities!

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