Sinead Donovan- Getting to know ATI’s President

Sinéad Donovan, the new President of Accounting Technicians Ireland, shares her plans for the next 12 months and looks to the past to her strong links to ATI.  

Ensuring that everyone can enter the accountancy profession is a fundamental value of the new President. That everyone, regardless of their background or financial status, has a route to become an accounting technician or a chartered accountant is important to her. Inclusiveness will be an underpinning theme to her year leading ATI.

Sinéad looked to her family background when choosing her future profession as a chartered accountant, and followed in the footsteps of her father, Cecil Donovan, who served as President of Chartered Accountants Ireland in 1986-87.

Sinéad discusses the personal importance of Accounting Technicians Ireland to her:

“I have such a strong personal connection with ATI. It is in my blood.  My father, Cecil Donovan, worked hand in hand with Ben Lynch back in 1982 to establish this ATI.  Dad was a member of Council and incoming Vice-President of CAI in 1982, and together with Ben, who was Director of Education in CAI, they put into action the desire to have a sister institute that made the profession of Accountancy more accessible to all. Accounting Technicians Ireland was born in 1983, through the collaboration of CAI and the Irish Institute of Accounting Technicians.”

Read about Sinead Donovan's close personal links to Accounting Technicians Ireland and her plans for her Presidential year.

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