COVID-19 ATI Continuity of Business

Last Updated: 2020-04-21

With a continuously evolving situation on COVID 19 impacting the global community, we all face a very challenging time. We would like to advise you of ATI’s approach regarding COVID-19 and to outline the steps we have taken locally during this period in order to provide continued support to our students and members.  

As a result of recent announcements including the closure of all schools, colleges and childcare facilities, the government has also advised that individuals, where possible, work from home.   

Our priority at this time is the safety and wellbeing of Members, Students, external stakeholders, staff and their families and the wider community. We want to reassure you that we have business continuity plans in place to continue servicing our Members and Students during these unprecedented times.    

In summary our approach is:

Payments - The Institute is operating business as usual through different platforms. We are, however, unable to accept cheque payments for the foreseeable future. Students and members can login via Touchpoint and make payments through our online facility. We apologies for any inconvenience this causes. Should you wish to discuss the options listed, please do not hesitate to contact the Accounts team on 01 6498183 or

Examinations - Please note that the examinations have been scheduled for June and August 2020. See communication to students here.

Remote Working - With effect from Monday 16th March, all ATI staff have been asked to work remotely.   

Contact with ATI - ATI staff can be contacted in the same way as if they were in the office through the various email addresses or by phone. 

Focus on Services – For Members, ATI will be working to ensure we continue to provide a full service and assistance in the areas of CPD and any membership queries that may arise. For Students, along with College partners, we will be providing online learning resources in order to minimise the impact on your studies.

Given the evolving nature of the situation, we will continue to keep our Members and Students informed as the situation unfolds. Thank you for your continued support and understanding we hope you all remain safe in these challenging times.


Exams June 2020

Frequently Asked Questions


Following the postponement of the April and May exams to June 2020, some students have been in touch with a number of queries. We have collated these questions there to ensure that all students are aware of the responses that are provided.

What are the dates for the June exams?

The exams will take place week commencing Monday 8 June. Once the timetable is finalised ATI will communicate and circulate to all students. The new timetable will also be available on our website and on Touchpoint.

Year 1 exams: 8 – 17 June

Year 2 exams: 8 – 26 June – additional week to include scheduling of IAS exam

What are the options if students are unavailable to sit their exams in June?

If students are unable to take exams in June, they have the option to apply for an Approved Absence and defer their exams to August.

Can exams be deferred until next year?

If some students find they are unable to attend any exams due to the reschedule, it will be possible to take the exams next year.

Will there be repeat exam sessions and when will they take place?

The repeat exam session will take place in August.

Do students need to rebook online or will this happen automatically?

Students will not be required to rebook exams on Touchpoint for the June sitting. Once the timetable is finalised, ATI will contact all students and request that they inform the Assessment Department if they are available to take exams in June. If the student is not available to attend in June, they may be able to attend in August. If they are not available to attend either sitting we will look at alternative booking arrangements then.

What options are available to keep study on track?

ATI is providing a suite of online resources to ensure that students remain engaged and interact with the subjects. ATI will keep students up to date on any new resources that become available.

Can students be refunded if new dates do not suit?

Yes, ATI will refund the exam fees of students where they are unable to take exams in this academic year.

What is required to sit exams online?

Students will need a laptop, internet connection and Adobe scan which is an app to scan the papers if students chose to write out their exams.

What if students do not have access to a laptop / PC?

Students are encouraged to make arrangements where they do not own a laptop/PC. In the event that a student cannot access a laptop/PC, these situations will be reviewed on a case by case basis by ATI. Please complete the form to indicate where your concerns are in relation to connectivity issues and the Assessment Department will be in touch with you.

When will results be available?

ATI are committed to having results available in mid July.

How can students prepare for the online aspect of sitting the exam?

ATI will prepare and circulate a How To Guide in order for students to familiarise themselves with the process in advance. There will also be test exam papers available prior to the exams for students to go through the online process.

What if I have a query on the exam on the day of the exam?

ATI will have a plan in place to enable students to receive any clarifications needed during the exams.

Are there any available supports that ATI can provide students relating to any mental health concerns around their studies?

Please engage with your tutors and colleagues and support each other during this time. Please engage with the online material provided so that you are staying current with your studies.

Can information regarding exams be added to social media/news section of website?

Major updates will be emailed to students for example when we have the timetable finalised for the June exams. This information will then be placed on the website and on touchpoint and Moodle.

How long will online content be available for?

The online content will be available to all students until all repeat exams are completed.

Due to the current global crisis ATI are moving to online exams this coming June 2020. We are aware that this may be difficult for some. Please let us know here if there are any IT barriers or impediments that may prevent you from successfully completing the exams online by filling out the form here. Once we have received your response we will reach out to look at possible solutions for any of the issues you have raised. If you have other concerns not mentioned here, please email: 



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