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    1 hour
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    Aimee-Louise Carton, KeepAppy

Goal setting

Discover the effectiveness of goal setting in this 1-hour CPD session with Aimee-Louise Carton, founder of the mental healthcare social enterprise, KeepAppy. Louise will discuss best practices for goal setting, helping to streamline the process and concentrate your efforts in order to maximise results. This session is a great way to understand why we fall back into the same old routines and how to act proactively in achieving our goals. Learn more about goal setting including: 

  • An introduction to goal setting
  • Common mistakes
  • Achieving short term goals
  • Achieving long term goals
  • Climbing Mount Everest
  • Best practices

Reserve your place by booking below. A Zoom link to join the session will be emailed to you the morning of the CPD session. 

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