COVID-19 Examination Update

Last Update: 2020-03-23

The Management Team at ATI have been reviewing the on-going situation with regards to COVID-19, and in particular to the scheduled exams for both IAS in April and all other exams booked in for May.


In light of the continued health issues relating to COVID-19, and the lead already taken by a number of other authorities and education bodies, ATI have taken the decision that all April and May scheduled Exams will be deferred until August 2020.


ATI will provide further information to you all in relation to the plans for the August sittings in due course, but we are sure you agree that this is the most sensible decision to make given these uncertain times.


Given the additional study time opportunity during the summer, ATI will continue to review the online study content we make available to assist with your exam revision.


Should you have any further queries in relation to this information, please contact our Assessment Team at:


In the meantime, thank you for your continued support and understanding, and please all keep safe.

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