Accounting Technicians Ireland has a set of robust policies in place, governing how we treat your data, handle any complaints, manage stakeholder records and more.

You can read these policies below.

  1. Terms of Use
  2. Data Protection Policy
  3. Privacy Statement
  4. E-Assessment Data Privacy Policy 
  5. Subject Access Request Policy 
  6. Assessment Malpractice & Maladministration Policy
  7. Complaints Policy
  8. Complaints Form
  9. Records Management and Protection
  10. Procedure for Engaging Data Processers
  11. Cookies Policy
  12. Exemptions Policy 
  13. Student Code of Conduct
  14. Qualification Specifications

If you require any further information on Data Protection, please contact ATI's Data Protection Officer Christine Mulcahy at You can download a Subject Access Request Form here

If you require any further information on Complaints or Procedures, please contact ATI's Quality Assurance Lead, Martina Greenan 

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